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Creation 2015

For this creation, the Filao company started again, and the dancing body, towards a humanistic subject, the relationship between a brother and sister.

Theme already filled with scratches, chaparderies, drawn hair, tears and big hugs…

But behind all that, There is idea under rock, because of the natural ethical brotherhood brotherhood, There is only one step, a tiny step, a step sideways, a hunted step, a not smart, a mischievous step, one step after the other, one step towards the other… and all these not give the world dance. This globe that turns and twirls in our wildest not, under the pulse of all the dancers that we.

Then ! That this dance is finally gay and fruity, be it today fraternal, because the brotherhood is to feel close to others without giving the slightest importance to their differences, If as a true wealth.

And that’s what it’s about in this last show.

Young audience show & family (40min)
From 3 years

Choreography & interprétation originale Cyril Véra-Coussieu & Géraldine Borghi
Repris & dansé by Géraldine Borghi and Privaël Burkhard
Musical creation Assia m
Creating lights Paulin Brisset
Costumes Elodie Sellier
Scenography Alessia Wyss


“In the program, nonsense and bickering of all kinds, complicity, great sorrow and reconciliation. Screening of childhood on set - his micro-stories, chain emotions, all without a single word. Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu dance like the child plays, as he explores this living space he has to negotiate with the other. Objects circulate, throw themselves, be chapardent ; the fraternal relationship involves duos of tenderness as clashes.” Le Clou dans la Planche (21/10/2017)

Toned dance, joyful and fraternal to recognize oneself in the other, beyond discord, in one hand reaching for unity ! La Dépêche du Midi (03/02/2019)

“The musical choice is interesting, the rhythm removed, the use of clever children's toys, especially the remote controlled car. The show “Fraternité” is aptly named but it goes far beyond sibling relationships.” The Dispatch (30/11/2018)

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