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Géraldine Borghi

Dancer & Choreographer

Dancer for many years, She always questions this art and wondered about the movement.
This is contemporary dance she refines his vocabulary in regular practice and following numerous courses, including Samuel Lefeuvre, Claire Heggen, or even the Batsheva company. Starting from the study of anatomical motion from Blandine Calais-Germain and linking it with the gesture signifying his meeting with Claire Heggen movement theater, It focuses its work towards an expressive and contrasting dance.

Its uniqueness is reflected in his first public young solo created in 2009 and played mainly in the neighborhoods schools. Passionate about creating for the young audiences from 3 years, she sees the opportunity to communicate with humor and without word around strong emotions. She develops this singularity with the Filao company co-founded with Cyril Vera-Coussieu. They choreograph together several young shows public and general public, allowing them to be an integral part of the cultural landscape of Toulouse : Mélorythme (Duo 2010), Ephémères (Duo 2011), Am Stram Gram (Solo, 2013) FRATERNITY (Duo 2015), Oh Lit ! (solo 2017).

She participated in various performances such as the beds or the project “Parasites” to Mix'Art Myrys, and also in the documentary film dance “The General interest me” released in June 2016. Trained at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Toulouse (ISDAT), It gets its D.E (State diploma) in contemporary dance. The notion of transmission and sharing becomes inseparable from his research.

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