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Privaël Burkhard


Privaël Burkhard started dancing late in an urban dance school, Mastazz Dance&Co, focused choreography in Friborg in Switzerland, with hip-hop and house foundations. His growing passion, he decides to leave for Barcelona where he enters a professional school of contemporary dance, Various Espai de moviment. After two years, he continues to train by joining the young company Free Bodies. In this intensive training, They create and perform over the year five different pieces created by choreographers from completely different backgrounds, such as Jonathan Sanchez, Lali Ayguade, Ombline Huvelle, Danae & Dionysios ou Nadine Gerspacher. During this year of intensive creation, they will perform these pieces in different cities, such as Bordeaux, Bologna and Barcelona.

In parallel with his contemporary training, Privaël continues to be passionate about dances from hip-hop culture by taking breakdance classes, hip hop and house dance.

During these three years in Barcelona, Privaël discovers different ways of creating, the dancer, to improvise and is always more passionate about dance and creation.

He joined the Filao company in October 2022 for the new creation 2023, “MIRROR“.

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