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Cyril Véra-Coussieu

Dancer & Choreographer

After university studies in biology, He trained in Toulouse at the centre James Carlès from 2002, the Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de Musique and Danse de Toulouse (en 2008).

He's following many courses including Sharon Fridman, Claude Brumachon, Anna Sanchez, Serge Ricci, Yann Lheureux, Samuel Lefeuvre, but also with Jorge Crecis, in London, which greatly influenced his gesture through his research on engagement as a dancer, or the Gaga technique in masterclasses with the Batsheva company who provided alternative.
Furthermore, It follows regular training of the dancer, in Paris : the Glass Menagerie and Center Peter Goss, but also, in London : at the center of The Place, in Brussels : the Studio Jetté and Copenhagen : Hallerne dance.

Very sensitive to the links that unite music and dance, and, still looking for a physicality in motion, he practices many body control techniques like yoga or Eutonie while studying popping and break dance since 2015 as well as the Afro during traditional music 4 years. Thus, He has developed a very personal gestures fed of this.

In 2010, It choreography for the Filao with Géraldine Borghi company with which he created many shows mainly to the young public. He dances for various companies of the Occitania region who call on him for his qualities as a performer : company wild animals souls, Since 2012 ; Helen Viscose company, Since 2013 ; Sophie Carlin company in 2013 ; Dadadzo cie since 2014.

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