Any public show (about 45 min)
Contemporary dance Influence Hip Hop, from 8 years

Enjoy this is a crescendo towards happiness. Happiness, standardized in our consumer societies such a tyrannical standard of the duty be happy, towards a happiness, one very personal, vibrant charm to the power to be contagious because authentic.

ENJOY brought you in a nightclub. The dance floor will be your mirror to happiness : Welcome in the evening ! Alone on the dance floor, a man takes great pleasure to dance according to the music that imposes its rhythm.
Pure staging of an exhibitionist of happiness armed with all the charismatic codes. Those NET, the pub, Youtube tutorials and music videos, but also those of social networks.
And one could believe....
Yet, in a fragment of lucidity, the idealized universe will gradually break, leaving emerging vulnerabilities emerging and growing of that happiness of glossy paper, its deep abysses, and the pitfalls of the pursuit of happiness in this thought form as universal. That happiness marketed having reached the climax of the dehumanization of the individual.

« The good life would now come into resonance with the requirements of the technocracy : assessments of States of mind and feelings, intentions, trends and even the deepest recesses of the psyche would contribute to refine the calculations on a large scale on mass consumption, efficiency, productivity and economic progress. »
Eva Illouz and Edgar Cabanas 'Happycratie '., how the industry of happiness took control of our lives. "

link the nail in the Board section of the 21/01/2019 by Penelope Baron :


Dance interpretation : Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Choreographers : Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Musical composition : Assia m
Creating lights : Paulin Brisset

Directing assistance : Izyade Bascuñana

Photos : Laetitia Havrez

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