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Creation 2010

Mademoiselle looks instead for Melody, Mr for rhythm. Both read the newspaper, on an air of radio. A priori, No wonder. But the music gets involved ... Then begins an emulation where imbalances are linked, jumps and doors for ended in a perfect symbiosis.

A man and a woman as a symbol of otherness in a world where the means of communication have never been so numerous. Information, it comes at the beginning of the show. Everyone reads their newspaper while listening to the words of a radio presenter interspersed with crackling. When the frying of waves increases, the annoyance rises. The bodies start to come alive and the daily gesture becomes dance. Deprived of information, everyone is going to have to meet the other on their own : gesture, the body, the emotions…

Show for any public from 3 years (30min)

Staging, choreography and dance Cyril Véra-Coussieu & Géraldine Borghi
Creating lights Didier Glibert
Costumes Cynthia Coussieu
Photography Camille Chalain


“A moment of wonder !” The Tarn Dispatch & Garonne

“A harmony of thought and consistency of meaning, they make us dance…” La Dépêche du Midi

“It is fresh and light as spring arrives and conducted with brio. Certain passages reveal a sensitivity on the surface. But if freshness is there and if the show is aimed at the smaller, It is without complacency or silliness ! Simply clear. Young people”elsewhere are not mistaken, eyes stay on stage all along and laughter bursts unrestrained. Anyway, grown-ups will also find there the true pleasures of a playful and brilliant dance.” The nail in the board