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Creation 2011

Live time…
Move, move, move…
From the youngest to the oldest, malleable body to body forced.

In each mirror, footprints,
reflections of life leave their marks to the sound of the water.
Of the future to remember, from birth to erasure,
the paths are ephemeral.

Dance woven and draws a line between the generations.
So it's a show that travels a full dynamic dance of recklessness, playful and light, where the action is carried by this furious desire to exist, as to the weight of the years, orchestrated by the earthquake and the ups and downs of living, dependence and wear.

Any public show (1h)
Public from young adaptation 5 years (35min)

Choreography, Dance & Scenography Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Sound creation Christophe Barrière
Creating lights Didier Glibert
Costumes Cynthia Coussieu and Renée Borghi
Directing assistance, graphic creations & photos Camille Chalain


La Dépêche du Midi – 11 March 2011
Article n ° 356 Intramuros – March 2011