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Tribute to Angèle Bettini Del Rio

Specific order for the Journées du Matefeuille 2018

Within the framework of Days of the double, them 15 and 16 September 2018 in Toulouse (Jean Jaurès)

Short form engaged – Street show For all Duration : 8 min Free

It is with a powerful and rebellious dance that the Filao company pays tribute here to the resistant Toulouse Angèle Bettini Del Rio and to her incredible life !

Rain of leaflets on Pétain. The 5 November 1940, Angèle Bettini takes part in what remains the first act of resistance in Toulouse. With five of his Communist youth comrades, they drop a hundred leaflets from the roofs on Marshal Pétain's parade. On these leaves, we can read "Youth does not want the felon marshal". Since 2009, a plaque commemorates this event at 13 rue d´Alsace-Lorraine. Angèle Bettini del Rio, one of the biggest resistant in Toulouse, dies in 2017 at the age of 95 years, Filao and the HF association pay tribute to him by 2018, dance in the framework of the Heritage Days.

Choreography, Staging and dancing : Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu.
Coproduction : The HF Movement

The Days of the double, what's this ?

We build our cultural memory on a base of artistic assets to 95% male. Building Matrimony consists in bringing out the "mother's heritage", namely to make visible again the artistic goods transmitted by the women who came before us. During the Heritage Days, Dare feminism 31 ! & the HF Movement organize an artistic and feminist journey to make forgotten Toulouse women visible : painter, musician, photographer, resistant, historian, etc. Let yourself be guided and, with contemporary artists (song, cirque, theater), come and discover women with exceptional lives of yesterday…