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Creation 2013

Am stram gram, It's like three little not, three little notes, a formula that slams, bounces and is actuated. A sort of a little rough magic incantation and very mischievous both. It is of course, and foremost, the name of a famous contine used to make a choice.

The choice, This is the heart of this show : several doors of various sizes define the stage area to more fully embody the duel of the opportunities that unfold. They will navigate in a dreamlike universe and materialize the constraints of a body full of doubts.

Am stram gram, It is also as three names of places unknown encountered during a trip.
Am stram gram is a countdown to give yourself courage before taking the plunge, assert and make his way.

Show for young people from 3 years (30min)

Dance Géraldine Borghi
Choreography Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Scenography Géraldine Borghi & Camille Chalain
Musical creation Frédéric Cavallin & Mathieu Werchowski
Creating lights Didier Glibert
Costumes Elodie Sellier
Graphic creations & photos Camille Chalain


La Dépêche du Midi – 22 February 2014
Le Clou dans la Planche – February 2013