Show for any public from 3 years (30min)

Mademoiselle looks instead for Melody,
Mr for rhythm.
Both read the newspaper, on an air of radio. A priori, No wonder.

But the music gets involved....

Then begins an emulation where bind imbalances, jumps and doors ended in a perfect symbiosis.

"It's fresh and light as spring arrives and led brilliantly. [...]
But if freshness is there and if the show is for children, It is without complacency or silliness - simply clear.
[...] The big whatever will also the true pleasures of a playful dance, round and shiny."

Press article

The nail in the Board March 2010


Stage director and interpretation : Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Choreographers : Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Creating lights : Didier Glibert

Costumes : Cynthia Coussieu
Graphic design and photo : Camille Chalain

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