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Creation 2021

Four dancers come running to pierce the space, and live at the top of your lungs a dance of a
mad energy. Equality ! This is the word spoken at the end of the game, when everyone has won. Most, are we sure that in the end not everyone has
lost ? In this team that tries to stay united, some members are beginning to doubt it. Pulled by the desire to be a little more than the others, they are trying to break free
a path to access the top of the portico, where they will attract attention, and will be unattainable.
The dancers deploy all their ingenuity to get through this match and these trials without injury… And if winning, ultimately, it was to succeed in being together, on the same swing ?

Young audience show & family – From 3 years
Duration : 40 mn


Choreographers and performers : Géraldine Borghi & Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Performers :Sarah Benaissa & Camille Bontout
Musical creation : Assia Libby
Light creation : Serena Andreasi
Scenographer and Builder : Herve Baret & Fabrice Poulain
Production manager : Marie Ousset
Production : FILAO Company
Supports and partnerships : City of Colomiers, Conservatory of Colomiers, Space Roguet in Toulouse – Department of Haute-Garonne, the Occitanie Region, the Manufacture Vendetta Mathea in Aurillac, Abbey-School of Sorèze, the Deux Sèvres Education League, Arlesia, the MJC of Monstastruc & the town of Castanet-Tolosan.

Land triptych : Freedom, Equality, Fraternité

At the beginning, the idea of ​​the triptych around the French currency germ in us the need requestionner the foundations that make up our society in the light of our times. A desire to address these values ​​that have stood the test of time and which aim to build a more just society from an early age ; to interview, starting from everyday situations, the emotions that stand in the way of living together and putting them at the heart of the choreographic process. After the duet Fraternité en 2015, Equality constitutes the second triptych component with for the first time in the history of the company, 4 dancers on stage.

In some time the show will come : Freedom. It will further open up the space of the venue by taking place in a building in the heart of the city. Children will become performers of the choreographic piece, in a specially adapted staging… A story to follow…

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