Creation 2021

At the beginning, the idea of ​​the triptych around the French currency germ in us the need requestionner the foundations that make up our society in the light of our times. A desire to address these values ​​that have stood the test of time and which aim to build a more just society from an early age ; to interview, starting from everyday situations, the emotions that stand in the way of living together and putting them at the heart of the choreographic process.

Notes of intenton

By starting our triptych with Fraternity we chose to visit the French Republican motto in reverse order. Indeed, fraternity constitutes the basis of our reflection since the main idea was to embody by the brother / sister duo the cell of all human relationship. Family privacy, represented in a cramped interior, offered the start of a choreographic process whose proportions were to be amplified spatially and emotionally. Equality goes beyond these limits by breaking down the walls.


Equality will open up to the outside world, while maintaining a scenography inspired by the world of childhood since it is organized around a swing. This simple place of games and pleasures will be enriched with multiple meanings : we will use the horizontal pendulum to bring out the notions of sharing and equality. However, how discord will not take long to arise, it is the vertical aspect of the portico that will then be privileged, with the use of height as a symbol of social advancement and a vector of inequality, highlighting individual strengths and weaknesses. The presence of only 2 hanging swings for 4 dancers will also create tensions inscribing power seizures at the heart of which everyone seeks to find their place. Furthermore, a space of green synthetic grass under the structure, will contrast with the smooth floor proscenium, marking the dichotomy between a rural and urban universe.


After the Fraternity duo, This time it is four dancers who meet in an energetic dance where the movement carrying meaning, will make it possible to follow the evolution of relations between them. The opening will be with a common dance all in synchronicity, in which the use of hip-hop dance will build a sense of team. But the unifying dynamic, brought by this group choreography performed at the forefront, will degrade little by little, leaving room for differences. Difficult to maintain a tie when the dance differences, of body, forces begin to constitute an asset or a handicap ! In this context, one of the axes of choreographic research will consist in deepening the feeling of iniquity of these four individuals, thanks to singular dances. For that, it seems essential to us that each of the dancers be led in the research time to identify, among its possibilities, a gesture which is specific to him and which makes sense by his dissimilarity within the group. The acrobatic body also comes into play in that it allows one to explore the endangerment of one of the characters; it can lead to the breaking point where the question of choice becomes inevitable : keep one's place or come to the aid of others ?

It is by approaching this dilemma that we will try to put in body the gaps between the presentation that we make of ourselves and the facts. We will deepen the discomfort with a choreographic writing showing the way in which each one tries to adjust to their contradictions and ignores reality. We will explore this paradox of the human that, backed by an altruistic feeling, allows however to maintain an unequal structure and / or domination. The upheavals experienced by this group and the changes in role will lead to the difficulty of each one in facing the strength of resistance of their desires with regard to their values..

Finally, we will endeavor to make self-mockery exist within this evolution, as a remedy for the tension of emotional relationships. An experiment danced around the awareness of one's own limits and self-awareness or : How to bring out what is ridiculous can reintroduce a concern for fairness. Our reflection will turn to the liberating fantasy within the movement and to its communicative aspect. One of the guidelines of our choreography : that the transmission of an emotional state made perceptible by a dance quality propagates like a wave made visible.

Cmusical reaction

Since the founding of the company, the choreographers place their relationship to music and sound in close correspondence with their dance, re-examining with each creation the forms of link that can be established between these two arts. Meeting Assia Maameri, composer specializing in Amplified Current Music and singing, operated a real rediscovery of the multiple possibilities of inventions. Since our first partnership around the choreographic piece Fraternité en 2015, the desire to extend our adventure in his impactful and sensitive universe has remained intact. The designer will interweave composition times in a dance studio and pieces created beforehand, giving free rein to his imagination.

Land triptych

In some time the show will come : Freedom. It will further open up the space of the venue by taking place in a building in the heart of the city. Children will become performers of the choreographic piece, in a specially adapted staging… A story to follow…


Choreographers and performers : Géraldine Borghi & Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Interprètes : Elodie Ramphort, danseuse hip hop & Jonathan Frau, acrobate
Musical creation : Assia Libby
Création lumière : Serena Andreasi
Scénographe et Constructeur : Hervé Baret
Production manager : Marie Ousset
Production : Compagnie FILAO
Soutiens et partenariats : Manufacture Vendetta Matha à Aurillac, City of Colomiers, Conservatoire de Colomiers, Abbaye-Ecole de Sorèze, Espace Roguet à Toulouse