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Marie Salvetat

Administration – Advisor & Smart project manager

Despite studies in letters, law and economics, it is ultimately culture and live performance mixed with collective experiences that mark my professional experience.
After a first experience in SCOP in the development of territories and NICTs, I am going to sharpen my tools in project management with the Academic Delegation for Cultural Action.
In 2003, I decide to take the plunge and co-found the Cie Rends Toi Conte : creations, workshops, school interventions, administration, production and communication : I find a playground to match my curiosity and at the crossroads of my creativity and my rigor.
In 2014, I become Artistic Director of Rouge Carmen where I finally unfold a question dear to my heart : the link between Culture and Territories. I develop partnerships with the local associative fabric and support certain institutions in the implementation of cultural activities in rural areas.

Today, always faithful to my desire for creativity, autonomy, of mutualisation and social transformation, I am a project manager at Smart.
A cooperative where economic development, mutualisation and social protection are betting on social innovation. It’s in this context, that I support the creation of self-employed worker activity by pooling experiences and securing risks, all within a single shared company.

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