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Light management & Son

Having started with classical dance and Modern Jazz and a self-taught approach to the guitar, to 16 years, he decides to devote himself solely to music. Intermittent from the show to 17 years, he will work for 30 years with many formations in different musical styles.
Quickly, his taste for the performing arts as a whole pushes him to multiply experiences in different fields. In 1985 he moved to Paris and in the company of other local players in the musical field, he created ” Ars Nova “, a structure that brings together vocational school ” Musicollège “, the minitel service ” 3615 ZIC ” and magazines ” Drummer Magazine “, ” Guitar Connection ” and ” Music Test Magazine “. It was in Paris that he discovered the world of the theater. His meeting with Michèle Simonnet and Laurent Terzieff will change his perception of the performing arts.
After multiple experiences that will confirm his taste for a global approach to the show, He will undergo light management training.
First, he will stage and highlight musical groups, then, diversify aesthetics through a roaming that will take him from Paris to Périgueux, San Clemente (Spain), Montpellier,…
In 2015, he returns to Toulouse, his hometown, and works alongside Pierre Matras, Jean-Pierre Armand, Cécile Carles, Marc Compozieux, Eric Vanelle, Francis Azéma, Alain Piallat, Olivier Jeannelle, Murielle Daras, but also with structures like artScenica, Lemon Blue, Drums Summit, Singing detours, Airbus, Welcome in Tziganie,…
More recently, Grangil ensures the sound and light creation of ” the Girl Who Smells Tobacco ” of the Post Partum Company, of ” Nuits Blanches de Gueules Noires Blanches ” des Cies Les Arts Tigrés and Rends-Toi Conte, of ” Unlimited Incoming Calls” of the Cie des Reg’Arts as well as the light creation of ” the King of Dies ” by Ionesco Directed by Francis Azéma.

His current projects are “Patarac”, a young audience directed by Brice Pomès for which he ensures the scenography and the lighting as well as the lighting creation of “The deputy” an adaptation of the comics worn by Damien Jayat. Among his projects we can already count on a show staging 80 drummers for the music festival 2020 for the city of Toulouse and the future creation of director Olivier Jannelle.

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