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Elodie Ramphort

It was in Martinique that Elodie started dancing at the age of 6 years in modern then classic. After practicing modern jazz until 17 years, she later became interested in urban dances called “hip-hop”, and begins with the "Hip-Hop New-Style". In 2013, while studying biology and microbiology at the University of Pau, she meets Nadia Affraite, dancer and hip-hop dance teacher with whom she takes new-style lessons and takes part in a hip-hop creation-show by the American choreographer Dister New York City at the Urban Session international festival in Pau, organized by Nadia. In 2016, and begins with the "Hip-Hop New-Style", international street dance school, and begins with the "Hip-Hop New-Style", namely house dance, le popping, le locking, le hip-hop free style, and b-boying.
In this same school, she participates and choreographs shows in choreographic hip-hop and house dance, and develops as a solo dancer performer. Indeed, after presenting his first solo in 2017 “the voice of souls” in house dance and popping, at Project Dance Paris, it is found in stage expression and interpretation in creation, allowing him to develop his art by lending his emotions. and begins with the "Hip-Hop New-Style" “wrap”. In 2019, and begins with the "Hip-Hop New-Style"“distortion” under the supervision of professional choreographer and dancer Willy Pierre-Joseph, a creation she presents at the Motion Lab School and at the Théâtre des Grands Enfants. After three years of training with internationally renowned teachers, in this same school, She will obtain her diploma as a dancer and performer and pass on her knowledge in basics and techniques as a dance teacher in free-style house dance and hip-hop.
Elodie joins Cie Filao in 2021 for creation Equality.