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The company

Compagnie FilaoFILAO : all-terrain tree, which in essence, managed to grow in arid environments. Its carved trunk is very dense and its wired foliage.

The origin of the company, en 2010, There are immersion in sensitive neighbourhoods of Toulouse where emerging questions about the means implemented to exist in this world? What anchors and what lightness are necessaries?

Geraldine Borghi and Cyril Vera-Coussieu intervene and make dance in school time, as you would learn to speak a new language, the body and sweetness. Between them the connection is immediate, the desire to create instinctive. They share a taste for humans staggered, fallible, and explore the derision in a colorful.

They successively create duets and solos around humanistic subjects ranging from the inability to live together in our contemporary societies until the brotherhood.

They are two features that make their specificity : a physical dance where the notions of contact and musicality are fundamental, and looking around the carrier sense movement. These gateways allowing them to offer a multiple read open from the youngest age.

Through the prism of life contexts, they have committed to questioning human relationships in everyday life and to open on the place each individual in our societies.
It is in this sense that they consider inseparable scenic activity and that of the choreographic mediation.


The FILAO company team :

Choreographers and performers : Geraldine Borghi and Cyril Vera-Coussieu
Creating lights : Paulin Brisset
Web site : Stephanie Lintanf and Sory Coulibaly
Visual identity : Venise Abed
Management overhead : SMART en


Partners :

Created in January 2010, Filao is artistic residency within the city of Colomiers.
It is supported by the city of Colomiers, by the Occitania Region, the County Council of Haute-Garonne, the city of Toulouse and the Theatre of the big round.