The company

Compagnie FilaoFILAO The company was born from a desire, to give to see the body in a dance at once seething and sensitive.

The meeting of the two choreographers Geraldine Borghi and Cyril Vera-Coussieu during demonstrations for students of the networks of Education priority. Immediately, they are focusing their research on the concept of contact combining organicity and musicality of the movement.
Inspired by close universe of reality and by the diversion of the daily creations tend towards a contemporary surrealism full of humour and freshness.

The FILAO company team :

Choreographers and performers : Geraldine Borghi and Cyril Vera-Coussieu
Creating lights : Paulin Brisset
Photos : Camille Chalain
Web site : Stephanie Lintanf and Sory Coulibaly
Visual identity : Venise Abed
Management overhead : SMART en

Partners :

Created in January 2010, Filao is artistic residency within the city of Colomiers.
It is supported by the city of Colomiers, by the Occitania Region, the County Council of Haute-Garonne, the city of Toulouse and the Theatre of the big round.