Oh Lit !

Show for any public from 3 years (30min)

It is the story of a revival that lived under a bed.... Or rather not, It's the story of a blanket that rolls, tumbles and to twist all night around a bed.... Or.... An army of books who wants to fight insomnia and invade the plain of the sheets.... No, In fact, It is the story of a bed that all his secrets us. Under the dance steps of the Cie Filao, the bed becomes the cradle of emotions, magic raft cabin !

How many stories do you need before you go to bed, comforters and kisses ? This show offers to tell the path of those and those who are unable to fall asleep. In the mystery of the room, the movement questioned thoughts that occur at the approach of night. Through the rituals which reassure before bedtime, the dancer shares with the public this solitary time where poetry and the imagination out of insomnia. We welcome the creations of contemporary dance in the Filao company for several years with immense happiness. A nice way to younger viewers and spectators to venture, often for the first time, in a show room !


Stage director and interpretation : Géraldine Borghi
Choreographers : Géraldine Borghi and Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Musical creation : Assia m and Marc Jamond
Costume : Elodie Sellier
Graphic design and photo : Camille Chalain

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