First search times in June 2022 with the Narcissus performance.

Creation 2023
Choreographic duet

"Narcissus" invites us to question the trappings, on the gaze of the other and more broadly of society necessary for self-discovery, and on the narcissistic part in each of us. We want to please and be part of a group, sometimes at the expense of his own desires and his true inner personality.

The mirror, element of the scenography, mobile, with which the choreography will be created, mark this moment of loss of uniqueness of self, this awareness of being both the one who is in the reflection and the one who looks. Then the image absorbed in the dance, it is by returning to the sensations of the other, of his presence first, then by skin contact, that these two beings will go beyond appearances.

Cie Filao will be in residence at the Center Culturel de la Brique in Rouge in January 2023 and will present its first performances in February 2023 at the Jean Cayrou Auditorium of the City of Colomiers.

Young audience show – From 3 years
Duration 40 mins

Staging & choreography Géraldine Borghi
Interpretation Géraldine Borghi & Privaël Burkhard
Creating lights Amandine Richaud
Production Marie Ousset
Aides, support & residential homes City of Colomiers, Conservatory of Colomiers, Toulouse Brick Cultural Center
The Narcisse creation was selected as part of the Les Hivernales call for projects #2 of the City of Toulouse