Any public show (55min)

I love you so much... Lock away me.... Although the hot.
My apartment, My digs, my universe, my cave....
I am so right in you. So, Sometimes I say to myself that I would spend my entire life here, in my quiet and gentle Lair, My shed, My crypt. Your dead silence caress me, Pampers me, reassures me.
I love it my Kingdom, I love it so much that sometimes I confuse. Here, I reign, control everything. My cave is my reflection and I am so.
You are my freedom and my bondage.
You are my beautiful Dungeon.

It's good to body dancing in question here, a body in a space so reduced it seems to condemn the ideas into exile.
Surrounded by all kinds of unnecessary objects, This individualist seems satisfied and stagnates in the selfish sweetness to a sweet illusion of happiness.
Its housing is a cave like so many others, very ordinary. An individual resigned, as our neighbour, and even if we look more closely, a part of ourselves.

Press articles

Improjazz Magazine of music information (number 203 -March 2014)
Toulouse Culture- 17 january 2014


Dance interpretation : Cyril Véra-Coussieu
Musical interpretation :
Laurent Avizou
Choreographers : Cyril Véra-Coussieu and Géraldine Borghi
Creating music and music : Laurent Avizou
Staging : Camille Chalain
Creating lights : Didier Glibert

Costumes : Cynthia Coussieu
Scenography : Cyril Véra-Coussieu and Alessia Wyss
Graphic design and photo : Camille Chalain

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