Enjoy this is a crescendo towards happiness. Happiness, standardized in our consumer societies such a tyrannical standard of the duty be happy, towards a happiness, one very personal, vibrant charm to the power to be contagious because authentic.

The company Filao embarked once again, towards a humanistic subject, the relationship between a brother and sister. Theme full of scratches and chaparderies. But behind all that, There is idea under rock, because of the natural ethical brotherhood brotherhood, There is only one step.

It is the story of a revival that lived under a bed... Or rather not, It's the story of a blanket that rolls, tumbles and to twist all night around a bed... No, In fact, It is the story of a bed that all his secrets us.

Mademoiselle looks instead for Melody, Mr for rhythm. Both read the newspaper, on an air of radio. A priori, No wonder. But the music gets involved....

One trying to evade gravity, the other going in circles. In the universal gravity, This force holding them to the ground. Is it just a physical phenomenon or the reflection of a world oppressive ?

Surrounded by all kinds of objects, This individualist stagnates in the selfish sweetness to a sweet illusion of happiness. Its housing is a very ordinary Cueva. An individual resigned, as our neighbour, and even if we look more closely, a part of ourselves.

Am stram gram, It's like three little not, three little notes, a formula that slams, bounces and is actuated. A sort of a little rough magic incantation and very mischievous both. It is of course, and foremost, the name of a famous contine used to make a choice.

G.P.S. Great Performance of the Society is a dance of two be lost along the way. G.P.S. It's the mirror both funny and cynical of a standardized company where time still leaves room for new horizons.

In each mirror, footprints, reflections of life leave their mark to the sound of the water. Of the future in the memory, from birth to erasure, the paths are ephemeral. Dance woven and draws a line between the generations.